Mayumi Yamasaki on a Transvestite Photo Album


It was in 1972 (I was 42 years old then) that I started disguising myself in women’s dresses, and I had for the first time a photo of myself taken in female attire at a transvestite club called “Fuuki Club” then. Subsequent photos of myself that I had had taken at hotels were barely viewable as long as they were in black and white, but those in color came out in poor color tone and no satisfactory photos were taken. For this reason. I gradually lost interest in the whole adventure. I was not accustomed in handling photographic equipment, and I did not realize even that the incongruous color tone resulted from an unsuitable location for taking photo.

At the end of 1994, I started frequenting “Kameido Shop of Elizabeth Kaikan” (at present Asakusabashi Shop) to transvest myself and have photos of myself taken. A very gifted makeup specialist helped to make myself up and when I had photos of myself taken then, I was really astonished at my transfiguration into a beautiful woman. I wondered how a man of my age could transfigure, himself into such a beautiful woman. Since then, I became interested in taking photos of myself dressed as a woman, and around 1996, I had a desire of publishing a photo album. I edited an album entitled “An album of Mayumi Yamasaki” collecting principally my photos taken from October 1997 until January 1998. I added some photos taken previously thereto and I published the album in July 1998.

Then a publisher brought up an idea of selling the album at main bookstores throughout Japan and suggested renaming the album as “A transvestite album of a 68 year old former university professor”. Through his introduction the album was published in March 1999 by Shinpuu-sha under this revised name.

After the publication of the album, I did not have my photo taken as much as before. I learned afterwards that quite a number of web sites related with transvestism have opened. Although I am unfamiliar with “PC”, I wished to create a web site of my own album. And I resumed having my photos taken in September 2001.

I practiced imitating women’s expression, voice and way of speaking by using a cassette tape, and I think that I have become accustomed to it within a relatively short period of time since I started transvesting myself. To me who am clumsy in various aspects, it was unexpected. However, I made almost no efforts to imitate femininity in behavior or expression. The reason is that the feminine image to which I aspired was so special (I will explain it later), and it is very difficult to express femininity suitable to that image, and I had abandoned the hope. For this reason, I am afraid that my pause or expression in the photos may be uniform and uninteresting.

The photos of myself wearing Japanese Kimono among those contained in the album (1) were taken at “Fuuki Club” in 1972. As for other photos contained in the album. (1) I have no clear memory, but I think they were taken from 1974 through 1978. The album (2)-(3) contain photo taken “Kameido Shop of Elizabeth Kaikan” from the spring of 1995 through January 1998, and the album(4) contains photos taken at “Shinjuku Shop of Elizabeth Kaikan” from September 2001 through April 2002. The album (5) contains photos taken at “Studio Switch” on August and September 2002.

Mar. 2003 Mayumi Yamasaki
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